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Our professional needs to start the projects: Our needs cover the fields of agriculture, public works, building, crafts (carpentry, metalwork, mechanics, electricity etc ...)

4x4 vehicles, mini digger, 3.5T dump truck, Generator sets, earthmoving equipment (shovels, picks, rakes, optical level, rulers, trowels, floats, concrete mixers, etc ...), compressor, welding machine electric, oxy-acetylene, tools for auto-truck mechanics, vises, presses and clamps, carpentry tools, metalworking tools ... etc


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Our partners : 

AMALF, Embassy of the Cameroun in France, APB-ENERGY, BabyDrôme 

CLINIQUE LA COLLINE, LA LIGNIERE CLINIQUE,  LABARONNE-CITAF, Cameroon ministry of Health, Town hall of Nanga-Eboko, Town hall of Minta, Town hall of Marlioz, Regal Beloit France,