How to do?

If you wish to join the association, please complete the registration form and send it by mail to or by post. Membership will be effective upon receipt of payment by check or bank transfer. Membership requires reading the statutes and rules of procedure. You will find these two documents below.

Why be a member of ADHM?  

The diversity of the members' profiles is reflected in the plurality of reasons given by the members themselves to explain their commitment. Various motivations can thus be crossed: on the one hand, the search for personal fulfillment through new social contacts, acquiring knowledge or using the skills that one wants to make profitable; on the other, altruistic motivations, such as the defense of a cause or the desire to make sense of one's life by making the world a better place.


By joining I participate in the development of the villages of the ADHM program. I have the right to participate in assemblies, I can thanks to my experience to engage me in one of the projects.